Saturday, August 9

and so it begins...

I have found passion in baking and cooking for that matter since I was a kid. I remember watching "Wok with Yan" when I was about 4 years old with my mom and dad every Sunday afternoon. As I grew older, I remember watching my grandmother and uncles cook in the kitchen and persistently staying in there no matter how much they push me away.  When I was finally allowed to cook in the kitchen at 9 years old, I started with the basics. Boiling water, cooking rice, sautéing vegetables. I even still have the recipe clips from magazines and newspapers that I kept since I was 12. That's the year I really started experimenting n the kitchen. I'd watch cooking shows and get ideas from there: technique, flavor combinations, plating.

I started baking, on the other hand, 3 years ago. I have been fascinated by it since my teenage years but I was never confident to try it. I wasn't sure if the science of it all is something I can keep up with.  but all these doubts were finally dispelled after my aunt sold me her electric oven. I bought it, stored it and forgot about it until I one day remembered and realized that I shouldn't let it stay in the cupboard.  So I starting buying baking basics a little at a time and in about 3 months I was already baking basic cookies, cakes and bars from recipes I got off watching the cooking channel and from food blogs.  it took me another 3 years to finally get the courage to blog about it. and so Passion, bakes and bites happened.

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